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SMB Technics was at IWA Outdoor 2019.

SMB Technics was at IWA Outdoor 2019.

IWA OutdoorClassics 2019 is a leading exhibition in the field of hunting and sportsweapons, outdoor and accessories. Many national and international exhibitors exhibited their products. IWA OutdoorClassics 2019, a multinational industry event; In addition to hunting, weapons and equipment, various outdoor products were also offered.

IWA OutdoorClassics 2019, which has 1,626 exhibitors and 47,000 commercial visitors from all over the world, has become a major event with more than 100 Turkish companies participating in this year's 46th edition. This year, 15% of the companies participated in the fair was the Turkish companies.


SMB Technics were there to promote our CNCL machine that we produced in Turkey.

We have unveiled our two turreted, lancet at the CNC lathes which are used for robot and non-barrel turning.

We configure for defense and weapons industry, we have introduced our do ubleturret, movablelathe CNC latheth at is used in 3-axis cartesian gun barrel turning.


We were amazed by the interest we had. National and International manufacturer came to our stand to see our machine. They mentioned their problems especially producing the gunbarrel. They saw our unique TT-850 (1000mm) machine and they really loved it. Most of the manufacturers produces gun barrel in 5 – 6 minutes. TT-850 produce in 150seconds also this machine has cartesien robots. Producers were really impressed about this too. We made good relationship and jokes with the Producers. Some of them want to put TT-850 machine into their car. These kind of reactions makes us very proud and happy.


We analysed that TT-850 CNC lathe machine made good quality gun barrels and we observed the TT-850 CNC gun barrels hitting range extremely increased. In this reason, we are really know that microns play huge role in this business. We hope that you won’t miss any targets by using TT-850 lathe machine.

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