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UTIS 2018

UTIS 2018

9th International Machining Symposium (UTIS) took place.

A total of 220 people participated in UTIS, which brought together many machining experts from the world and our country. 71 presentations, 3 opening presentations, 4 theme presentations, 7 workshops and 1 panel were held.

The symposium is one of the veterans of the world of machining . Dr. Following his opening presentation on Konstantinos-Dionysios Bouzakis' suiting, Prof.Dr. Dr. Yusuf Altintas 's " Digital Machining ," he continued on with his presentation. One of the interesting presentations of the symposium was the development of tools and processes for the machining of Tungsten Carbide materials by Christopher Serre, President of Union Tool.

TÜBİTAK President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal talked about the 2023 policies of TUBITAK on Machining in UTIS.

In the general presentations, UTIS 2018 themes, ini difficult to process materials lı and ılar smart tooling dur were discussed, but the participants shared the latest R & D activities and high-tech products developed in the machining world.

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