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about us

“Smb is a trade mark of YMB company.” YMB Technologic Products Marketing Company was established for marketing the self products of A GROUP Companies and managing distributorship activities of the world wide original equipment manufacturers. Besides, YMB plans to professionally give services about Market Searches and Development, Import / Export Activities and representation supports. 

By gettng back up from A GROUP Companies’ experiences for more than 40 years, YMB targets to add value and new trademarks to the country economy by means of taking active role in domestic and/or foreign marketing of the products will support to industrial development. 

However, YMB started his searches and works in Tuzla Istanbul Anatolian Side Industrial Zone in the end of 2013, He has already achieved a distributorship agreement with MIRTEC Europe Ltd is one the leading companies renowned worldwide. 

Also, YMB aims to catch and develop the opportunities match with the capabilities of A GROUP companies are well known in automotive and home appliance industries by performing supplier improvement and market expansion A GROUP Companies’ main activities are Plastic Injection, Blow Moulding, Extrusion, Manuel and Automatic Painting and Serigraphy, Metal Injection and Machining, Heat Exchanger Manufacturing, Injection Tool Design and Manufacturing, Automation and Prototype Design and Manufacturing, R&D and P&D Activities. 

YMB has not the required marketing professionalism for only group capabilities or trademarks, but also he can give marketing support for the companies out of the group. Accordingly, YMB Technologic Products Marketing Company is confident about the future and accepts all stakeholders as a business or a project partner which he can add value to.

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