TT-850 Twin Turret CNC Lathes

TT -850 Twin Turret CNC Lathe Machine is designed to accordance with Simultaneously Turning Method (Balance Turning). This method is known as the best way for turning of thin and long parts. TT -850 helps to increase the quality and efficiency during turning operations up to 1000 mm long parts. In additionally, It provides high productivity as well. In High Volume production, TT - 850's advantages can be seen better. It is possible to provide between 30% and 70 % improvement in Total Cycle Time. The standard equipments of TT-850 is including Automation System. Of course the customers can buy the machine without automation system and it can be integrated later time.

  • TT-850 Twin Turret CNC Lathes
    Technical Specifications Standard Optional
    Swing Diameter 650 mm  
    Max.Turning Diameter 200 mm  
    Max. Turning Length 1000 mm  
    Bar Capacity Ø49 mm Ø100 mm
    Chuck 8" 10"
    Max. Speed 4500 rev/min 5000 rev/min
    Spindle Nose  A2-6 A2-8
    Spindle Hole Ø65 mm  
    Bearing Diameter  Ø100 mm  
    Power 11 kW (30 min) 18 kW (30 min)
    Axis Movemenets    
    X- Axis Travel 125 mm  
    Z- Axis Travel 1050 mm  
    Rapid Traverse (X/Z) 20 m/min, 30m/min  
    Slide Type Linear Roller  
    Turret Quantity 2  
    Tool Station 16  
    Positioning Time 0,3 sn  
    Holder Dimensions 32x32 mm 25x25 mm
    Tool Disc 32-40 mm  
    Pinol Taper MK-5 MK-4
    Pinol Type Live Center Built-in
    Pinol Stroke  500 mm 1000 mm
    Coolant Capacity    
    Coolant Tank 300 lt  
    Hydraulic Tank 60 lt  
    Slide Lubrication Tank 2 lt  
    Voltaj 380 V  
    Machine Dimensions    
    Base Area 4900 x 2050 mm  
    Base Area (With gantry loader ) 6200 x 2050 mm  
    Weigth 11500 kg  
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